We are grateful for the bookings we receive through the efforts of talent and booking agents, event planners, etc., throughout the years. However, we respectfully ask agents, event planners, etc., to NOT use the name Tom Sadge, Tom Sage, Tom Sadg, or any likely misspelling of that name, on their web page, in the title, meta tags, URL, etc. or promotional materials without our EXPRESS WRITTEN permission AND approval from us: CONTACT US

Use of general terms such as "Neil Diamond impersonator" or "Neil Diamond tribute artist" are appropriate terms which may be used to fairly obtain work and inquiries from internet browsers.

The name "Tom Sadge" (sometimes spelled Tom Sage) has become synonymous with top entertainment, celebrity impersonation and, most especially, Neil Diamond impersonation and tribute artistry. Tom Sadge has worked for decades perfecting his work and performing at thousands of bookings. It takes tremendous effort and sacrifice to build a reputation and NAME in the entertainment business.

Tom's webmaster, Marion, has spent literally thousands of hours developing this website, performing search engine optimization (seo), and creating pages which are relevant to the entertainment world. We have worked hard to make easy to use and FIND through Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or other search engines. Our efforts have resulted in success on the major and minor search engines when web users search for "Tom Sadge" or "Tom Sage".

PLEASE DO NOT use the name Tom Sadge, Sadge, Sage, etc. (or other confusingly similar names) in the URL, TITLE or keywords applies to all sites, including fan and non-commercial web sites in addition to agent and booking sites.

The placement of these names in a domain name, even as an extension of the main name, could lead a talent buyer, either private or professional, with a preconceived notion of hiring Tom Sadge to NOT find Tom's official web site ( or our CONTACT US page, but to find, instead, another commercial site owned by a talent or booking agent, special events planner or other party who may feel entitled to a commission for Tom's services.

Please only use generic words such as celebrity impersonator, entertainer, entertainment, tribute artist, etc., in the URL and TITLE. We have, of course, no jurisdiction over the use of the words Neil Diamond.

We are grateful for the promotion received through the placement of Tom Sadge's image and credentials on various professional booking agents' and special event planners' sites and are happy to pay any commission which we consider to be fairly earned (through a previously agreed upon and customary percentage) through proper internet placement and prior mutual agreement. We thank you in advance for complying with our requests regarding any internet placement.

Please note that no date can be held without a written agreement via our contract, which we will issue promptly. Please write to us for more information. CONTACT

Thank you!

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