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Updated 2017
Tom Sadge (pronounced Tom Sage) has been a full-time entertainer his entire adult life. He began as a singer with bands and, later, became a popular mobile DJ / vocal impressionist whose repertoire includes showstopping impersonations of Neil Diamond, Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck. He also performs singing impressions of legendary singers such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Tony Bennett and others.

Since 1997, Tom has performed as a full-time celebrity impersonator / tribute artist across the U.S., Canada, and several European countries.

The celebrity impersonation act germinated in the summer of 1996 when Marion, Tom's wife and business partner of over three decades, was inspired by a Legends In Concert anniversary booklet. Why not use makeup and costumes as did the impersonators performing on the Las Vegas strip? The transition from local entertainer to a national act as a tribute artist thus began. In November 1997, Tom Sadge debuted his Jazz Singer era Neil Diamond act, and was an immediate hit with audiences.

Since his debut, Tom has entertained at many major venues throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. "Diamondheads" (Neil's top fans) in both the U.S. and Europe have hired him to perform at fan club gatherings, eight consecutive Neil Diamond Chicago & Amsterdam Fan Birthday Party celebrations and three Carnival Fan Cruises.
Tom has performed in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and Mexico, as well.

Tom Sadge has met Neil Diamond and his band members on several occasions. Does Neil approve of Tom? During a concert in State College PA, Neil, spotting Tom in the front row, leaned over the stage and, pointing the mic at Tom, told the crowd of many thousands, "This guy sounds just like me!."

Opening national act credits include Engelbert Humperdinck, whom Tom considers a friend, comedien Jackie Mason, Kool and the Gang, The Guess Who (featuring Burton Cummings), Bare Naked Ladies, Jay and the Americans and The Lords (Germany). He's shared a stage with Kid Rock, Nellie, C&C Music Factory, the Duck Dynasty family, and others.

Casinos regularly book Tom Sadge as a solo performer or with his tribute bands. "Tom Sadge As Neil Diamond" has appeared on casino theater marquees from Atlantic City, NJ to Las Vegas, NV. Tom is a favorite in NYC/Manhattan and Long Island, NY, as well.

Legends In Concert, the premiere tribute production show, had hired Tom Sadge as their Neil Diamond to perform at many of their theaters. He's also performed in other production shows in major theaters on a regular basis. .

Tom Sadge's early career, as a DJ / MC, enhances his ability to mesmerize an audience of three or a crowd of nearly 65,000 at Philadelphia's Veterans' Stadium. He is in demand for state and county fairs, corporate functions, conventions, outdoor concerts, amphitheaters, festivals, fundraisers, charitable events, country clubs and active adult 55+ communities. Guests at weddings, bar mitzvahs, landmark birthday, anniversary and retirement parties always pleased with the special magic Tom brings to celebration.

Television and radio interviews are a regular part of his work and include a live interview at New York City's Top 10 radio station, WPLJ, with legendary Scott Shannon and co-host, Todd Pettengill at their Madison Square Garden studio. Television credits include The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet (NYC); ABC's The Next Best Thing; Inside Edition and AMC's special, Lookalikes, as well as dozens of local affiliate productions.

In early March, 2017, Tom filmed a part in a network television show. Details on this TV role will be forthcoming when we know the air date.

Legendary KRZ 98.5 DJ Jumpin' Jeff Walker has this to say about Tom Sadge:
"It's mind-blowing how much he looks and sounds like Neil Diamond.

Tom Sadge, from the U.S. east coast, performs throughout the United Stages and Canada: Tom Sadge Onstage.

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