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"This guy sounds just like me!"
Neil Diamond speaking to audience about Tom Sadge
Pittsburgh PA concert 2002

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The Best of the Neil Diamond Impersonators?
Many Neil Diamond fans consider Tom Sadge to be their favorite!

Tom Sadge in Jazz Singer Neil Diamond blue shirt

Tom Sadge Sings America

Neil Diamond Impersonators

There are many Neil Diamond impersonators out there. Some look like Neil Diamond, some sound like Neil Diamond. But, overall, many view Tom Sadge as the TOP and BEST Neil Diamond celebrity impersonator for look, sound, movement, and magic.

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There is a new film about Neil Diamond impersonators that is a must see for Neil Diamond fans. The film, by Mad Dash Films, was directed by David Sarich and is entitled


While there is no one like the real Neil Diamond, you will, if you are a Neil Diamond fan or have ever seen a Neil Diamond impersnnator, love this film. Many Diamondheads, the nickname for longtime Neil Diamond fans, are featured in Feel Neil.

Feel Neil, which David Sarich filmed over a the period of nearly one year, was filmed on location in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Pigeon Forge, San Francisco, and other places. Neil Diamond impersonators and Neil Diamond tribute bands were interviewed and taped at work and behind the scenes.

Tom Sadge, who is both a Neil Diamond fan and a Neil Diamond impersonator, is one of the Neil Diamond impersonators who was both featured and interviewed.

. If you love Neil Diamond's songs, if you have ever found yourself singing "Cherry Cherry", "Sweet Caroline", "Solitary Man", click on: TOM SADGE CONTACT

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