Retired Entertainer!
Bioraphy: Updated March 2023
Tom Sadge (pronounced Tom Sage) has been a professional entertainer his entire adult life.

Tom's early teen years were spent as a lead singer in local bands (Pennsylvania). After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, he returned to entertaining. Before the age of 25, this top entertainer had already lived in Massachusetts, Florida and Mississippi. Always versatile, the multi-talented impressionist / impersonator and entertainer has performed as a professional MC, Singing DJ, comedian, nightclub manager, vocal impressionist, voice over artist - anything in the entertainment field - before launching a career as a celebrity impersonator of Neil Diamond. Tom has performed as Neil Diamond all over the U.S., Canada and in several European countries.

RETIREMENT: COVID19 effected Tom Sadge and Marion as it did every other American. Due to the pandemic / Wuhan / Chinese / corona (whatever) virus, venues were closed down and bookings cancelled. Tom enjoyed the free time spent with Marion and family. Marion enjoyed the break from the bookkeeping and background work. A mutual decision was made by the Tom / Marion "Tom Sadge" team to retire from the live performance entertainment profession.

Tom and Marion want to thank everyone who came to see Tom Sadge throughout the years. They also want to thank the booking agents, bands and venues who helped make his career the successful one that it was.

Celebrity Impersonator History: The celebrity impersonation act germinated in the summer of 1996 when Marion, Tom's wife and business partner since January 1983, was inspired by a Las Vegas Legends In Concert anniversary booklet brought home as a souvenier from relatives who had visited Vegas / Imperial Palace. Using a magnifying glass, Marion thought it obvious each lookalike actually relied on heavy makeup and wigs, etc., for their look. Talent was the most important factor, not "the look".. As a result, Marion urged Tom, who had become unhappy in his work mostly in smoke-filled bars as a "Singing DJ", to make the transition to full-time celebrity impersonator / tribute artist. 1996 & 1997 were years of research, networking, costume-making and contacts for Marion. Tom Sadge took the gathered information and tried on costumes, worked on makeup, and practiced the choreography of Neil Diamond that Marion had studied on old videos of Neil Diamond's performances. Finally, after nearly 16 months of preparation, In November 1997, Tom Sadge debuted his Jazz Singer era Neil Diamond act at University of Western Ontario. His show was an instant audience hit.

Since that first gig, Tom has entertained at hundreds of major venues (from Atlantic City casinos to European theaters) throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe. "Diamondheads" (Neil's top fans refer to themselves as this) hired him to perform at official fan club gatherings, unofficial "Neil Diamond" birthday parties - such as the Chicago event where Tom was chosen to entertain for 9 years in a row - three Carnival Cruises, and countless private events.

Tom Sadge has met Neil Diamond and his band members on several occasions. Does Neil approve of Tom? During a concert in State College PA, Neil, spotting Tom in the front row, leaned over the stage and, pointing the mic at Tom, told the crowd of many thousands, "This guy sounds just like me!."

Opening act credits for international celebrities include Engelbert Humperdinck, comedien Jackie Mason, Kool and the Gang, The Guess Who (featuring Burton Cummings), Bare Naked Ladies, Jay and the Americans and The Lords (Germany). Tom's has shared a stage with Kid Rock, Vanilla Ice, Nellie, C&C Music Factory, Phil Robertson family (Duck Dynasty), Lindsey Vonn and others.

Casinos & Production Shows Casinos throughout the U.S. and Canada have regularly booked Tom as a solo artist and with his tribute band. But while establishing his reputation as a top "Neil Diamond" impersonator, Tom paid his dues. He spent months at a time away from home and family while working in traveling and casino based tribute production shows such as Las Vegas's Legends in Concert. This innovative show, which premiered in Las Vegas at the Imperial Palace, was created by producer John Stewart / John Easton Stewart / Banjo Johnny in 1983. It was an instant success and one of the longest running production shows in Las Vegas history..

Corporate Bookings: Coca-Cola, Exxon, and many other major corporations have booked Tom. Tom Sadge performed at Under Armour's 20th Anniversary celebration, where he was mistaken for the real Neil Diamond as he sang "Sweet Caroline" with CEO Kevin Blank. The Baltimore Sun chose to feature Tom as Neil's appearance in their story covering the event.

Professional and college sports teams regularly chose Tom Sadge to lead the crowd in renditions of the National Anthem and/or Sweet Caroline. Tom performed at Penn State / Beaver Stadium where he led 107,000 in a rendition of Sweet Caroline. Other pro sports clients include: Phoenix Suns; Arizona Rattlers; Philadelphia Eagles; Dallas Cowboys;and the retirement party for College Football Hall of Famer Tom Osborne - a party attended by Barry Switzer.

Television and radio interviews include a live interview at New York City's Top 10 radio station, WPLJ, with legendary Scott Shannon and co-host, Todd Pettengill at their Madison Square Garden studio. This trip to NY, meeting the legendary Scott Shannon, and performing live on this top New York City station was one of the highlights of Tom Sadge's career.
Television credits include national shows: The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet (NYC); an extraordinary thrill because the show sent a limo from NYC to Tom's home to pick him up and drive him home!, ABC's The Next Best Thing; Inside Edition and AMC's special, Lookalikes and, in a 2017 episode of Adult Swim's Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter - as Neil.

National Print: Tom has been featured in both the New York Times and the Daily News, among other large circulation publications.

Legendary Jeff Walker of KRZ 98.5 fame (who Tom now is honored to call a friend): :"It's mind-blowing how much he looks and sounds like Neil Diamond".

Tom and Marion wish to thank all who contributed in any way to the success of the 45+ year career of Tom Sadge. Our gratitude is endless. And new life for the couple is beginning. Keep checking back!

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