Fred Sadge is a young jingle writer of great talent and rangeFRED SADGE
Composer / Production Music / Jingles / Commercials / Video Games / Background

Fred Sadge is a talented singer, and has performed as lead vocalist in several bands beginning at age 15. He has written hundreds of original jingles and snippets of music, including mood music and theme music, which are ideal for websites, commercials, plays, video games, and independent films. Sounds include mood music, rock, ethereal, oriental, and any other type you can - or can't - put into words. Forever, by Fred Sadge (on Sound Cloud).

Internationally recognized features Fred Sadge's music: Blue Collar by Fred Sadge

The Messenger, an off-Broadway play (Roy Arias Theater) by Paul Kodiak, featured Mr. Sadge's original music: The Messenger

Fred Sadge is a seasoned performer and free lance musician and composer. Jingles, theme and mood music are his specialty. He plays piano / keyboards, synthesizer, guitar and bass guitar -all self taught.

Fred Sadge plays synthesizer, guitar and keyboards and composes original music.Musician
Fred performed in several bands throughout the years: Blurred Image; Electric Candy Shop / ECA; Free Beer and others. ECS released two CDs with Fred as the synth man: Theories of Emotion and, Electric Candy Shop's newest CD, Symphony on Saturn.

Fred not only wrote all the synthesizer parts for the new CD, but composed, arranged, performed, and mixed two of the tunes:Nebula; Furniture of the Mind (mixed by Tony Giammusso),and Shadows of a Cross!

Fred attributes much of his early love of music to Pink Floyd, DePeche Mode, The Smiths, Sinatra, and to Ken Andrews (Year of the Rabbit), an obscure album released in 2003.

Fred Sadge is currently in a "business career" as a purchasing manager to support his wife and two children, but his love of composition and music continues. Contact him at to embellish your business with an original music composition,.


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