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UPDATED: February 2023
More than a million people have seen Tom Sadge perform as a Neil Diamond impersonator. Several have become acquainted with him through the years. I've seen many thousands of these fans in the audience, but very, very few have seen me.
If you're on this page, you must be curious. I will try to satisfy a bit of that curiosity.
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I will be updating this on a regular basis.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I put my nuclear family (husband, children, grandchildren) first in my life. You also know I am an extremely private person. I avoid the spotlight, and photos, like the plague, and I cannot understand why anyone would not.

But lately, since Tom and I are both a bit over 65 - and "retired" from show biz, - I've realized the importance of separating the personal and professional achievements (as well as fact and fiction) of my life from that of Tom's. Truth, and legacy, are important to me as I am the mother of two children and two grandchildren whom I love endlessly.

For the above stated reasons, I will be popping in here from time to time to write, correct, update, remove and add what I think is truthful.

Early Years
I grew up as the third child/ daughter of a mostly Irish / German family. My sisters were nine and six years older Two and a half years later my father finally had his son.
We didn't have a lot of money - a common situation in the 1950s and 1960s when most of us were grandchildren of miners and railroaders. Both of my parents were very hard workers. We had what we needed: a warm (rented)house, plenty of healthy food, each other and love.

From grades four thru seven, I was the only flautist in our Catholic school marching band. That meant practice most mornings at 7:30, then Mass at 8am.

Until age eleven, I was blissfully unaware that I was a chubby girl. My mother would gently refer to me as "pleasingly plump" when my very slim sisters' hand-me-downs didn't quite hang right on me.

One day in math class a nun thrust the self-realization of being overweight upon me quite unexpectently. It happened in Math class. Sister Charlene drew a rectangle with a rounded corner on the blackboard, followed by the remark that "Marion must have sat on that end."

Peals of laughter from my classmates followed. I was the only one not laughing.

I went home that day and began my years of working to end being overweight. I restricted my eating as much as possible. I successfully slimmed down and became very athletic. Running, practicing cart wheels, splits and jumps (I was a cheerleader for 5 years, and selected as captain every time, until I quit right before my Senior year in hgh school.
But the love of physical activity was right up there with drawing, writing and reading. A few years later I also began to learn about nutrition. To this day I eat mostly whole foods and read labels on items which must be store bought. I work out most days and maintain a healthy weight.

We thought people who had new clothes on a regular basis were "rich".

My siblings and I attended Catholic school and wore uniforms. Sometimes, however, "civilian" clothes were necessary for dances, socializing, etc.
There wasn't a lot of money for clothes, so I also taught myself to sew, and used my sister's Pfaff sewing machine to create everything from bathing suits to prom gowns to coats. Fabric was cheap, and I cleaned attics, worked at our school painting chairs, did odd jobs for neighbors to earn money to buy what was needed from Edelstein's magical, cavernous "material" store to whip up a new outfit.

Youthful Idealism
My dream, as a young and idealistic girl, was to move to New York City with friends and work with those in need as a social worker. (My Bronx based uncle told me I would change my mind as I matured, and he was correct). But, to that end, I earned a BA degree in Sociology / Social Work.

WIth maturity came a change of ideas. Now I wanted write as a living, with illustration included. There have been long periods of my life where I wrote drew every day: portraits of people I cared about, and/or found interesting, were my favorite, and I gave most away to the subjects.
An Ideal life to me, in my early twenties, was to write and draw full time in a beautiful, dark wood trimmed and cozy apartment in Manhattan - preferably The Dakota apartment building at 1 72nd Street in NYC, right across the street from Central Park.
(Yes, John Lennon was murdered there in 1980, on December 8th...a Monday.)
Those dreams included a loving and supportive husband and happy, healthy children.

Meanwhile, post college, I took practical jobs in retail and hospital work as a Mental Health Worker at Wilkes-Barre Mercy Hospital, and continued my post graduate education by taking art and writing courses. I made some unforgettable friends during those Mercy years, and we had endless fun going out almost every night after the 3-11pm shift ended.
I moved to Allentown PA in 1978, got my first apartment (a third floor walk-up in a rowhouse brownstone), and worked at the world famous Hess's Department Store on Hamilton Street, ending up as a fashion buyer of Junior Dresses. I loved that job, and made more great friends (Karen, Sandy, Nancy, the three Susans) in that city. As a Hess's buyer, I loved the weekly trips to the Garment District of Manhattan and Macy's, then the "World's Largest Department Store."
(more to come here)


In January 1983, while still working for Hess's (now Macy's) I met Tom Sadge shortly after I moved home from Allentown for personal reasons. Around the same time, Tom moved back from Mississippi (and Florida and Massachusetts) to his Avoca PA home. We met one night when a friend insisted I go and see him perform at a small bar.
The rest is my history.
Our children, who were born ten years apart and when I was nearly 30 and 40, , needed me. There were no willing and / or available babysitters on either side of our families. Tom's work necessitated working well into the night and sleeping during the day. Besides, I loved our children, our home, and helping Tom with his career. My turn would come later, we both agreed.
To save money when a website was necessary to advance the career of Tom Sadge, I spent a few years learning HTML and code to create an affordable website - I also purchased domain names and created a few commercial sites of my own.

I ran the complicated business end of two businesses: Tom' Sadge - very complicated - and my own. I created and ran websites for doctors and American made products..

As Mrs. Tom Sadge
Tom and I have been together since January 1983, married since 1984. Our blessings have been great: two loving children and two loving grandchildren. A wonderful daughter-in-law.

One fact about me, if you care: I have been a night owl all my adult life, and an insomniac at times. This has been in my favor, as there is always so much to do as the wife of Tom Sadge and the hands on, full-time mother. We've also had our children here for eleven years during their parents work hours and after school.

Tom Sadge Is A Business, Not a Person
First of all...Tom Sadge is a business, not a person. Tom Sadge is an impersonator who impersonates Neil Diamond and others. Tom Sadge does not exist except on the stage. Tom Sadge is a show business name. It is a business with more than one person behind that name.
Show business requires a lot of time and work, and it is not the glamorous business that many think it to be. A couple of naive fans once asked Tom: "how was your limousine ride was from the airport to the hotel?" Tom and I, and our children, had a very good laugh over that one! Yes, there are many sacrifices to be made on the road to a career in entertainment. But the rewards are many, as well. Entertaining is what Tom loves to do, for the most part, his dream has come true.

Who Is Behind "Tom Sadge" ? It's a FAMILY Business
Talent alone won't make you a living. It's called show business for a reason. Tom Sadge and I have always been a team: I've used my college education and years as a business professional and manager to harness Tom's enormous talent and take it in a profitable direction. In addition to coming up with the idea of Tom's transition from local "Singing DJ" to internationally acclaimed Neil Diamond impersonator, Tom Sadge as Neil Diamomd, I designed all of, and created some of, the costumes, choreographed the on-stage moves, produced the debut promotional CD, built (and still maintain) the website, made the initial contacts, keep the books, communicate with agents & clients, shield him from overzealous fans, create and send out the contracts, do the bookkeeping and taxes, and do much of the work that takes place off stage.

Over the years, Tom has gained tremendous business savvy. In his last years as a celebrity impersonator, he put a respectable amount of time into the business end of our work. Last but not least, we are grateful to our two wonderful (now adult) children.. When they were young, they had to make many, many sacrifices - their father was often away from home or on a schedule which did not dove tail with their lives - and they deserve much credit for the Tom Sadge business. They are now grown and very successful in their own right.

Self-Employment - Risky!
Being self-employed is a high-wire, risky business. Your income is never guaranteed. Some months are "feast" and some are "famine". The overhead is daunting and only self -employed people get that. Yet there are benefits: a couple will either grow closer or farther away, and we have grown closer over four decades after weathering the bumps. Except for professional travel, which I occasionally engaged in with Tom, we work side by side daily from our home office. Tom and I make both business and personal decisions together, as a team. Often our work day ends at 4am. But, on the up side, there are whole days we can spend with our children and grandchildren, which we are helping to raise as our children pursue careers. We can stop work in the middle of the day to go for a walk or drive together. - which we frequently do. This type of freedom helps to balance out the down side.

Show Business Highs and Lows
The nature of the entertainment business means you meet a lot of people from all walks of life. Most are interesting, appreciative, considerate, respectful and even encouraging. But, as any public figure's wife (or husband) can attest, you also meet your fair share of obsessed groupies and fans who can, without proper boundaries set by the celebrity himself / herself, become quite intrusive - even invasive and dangerous. The worst? The "Gal Fridays", the new, or relatively new, "best friends" and those who claim to only want friendship and to "help your career" as an excuse to remain close, physically and mentally, to the celebrity. These types are a dime a dozen, as any celebrity wife / long-time companion knows. On occasion, they can even be dangerous.

I write on a regular basis, love to draw, and always have. One of my dreams has always been to write and illustrate a book. I hope to entertain readers with stories taken right from my experiences in life and in behind-the-scenes show business. The book may never happen, but a blog already has - ti's been online since 1999. That said, my biggest dream has already been achieved: to be a wife and mother. I am grateful for each "normal" day and what it brings. And for every night when nothing "bad" has fallen on those I love - or like. That is especially true as time marches on.

Retirement: COVID19 has taken it's toll on many people and businesses. "Tom Sadge" , the business - has been officially retired from the entertainment business. But it's not over until it's over - we have future plans for other endeavors. Stay tuned!

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