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Neil Diamond lookalike near New York City, NY.

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Testimonial: Legendary Jumpin' Jeff Walker of KRZ 98.5
"It's mind-blowing how much he looks and sounds like Neil Diamond."

Featured as Neil Diamond in Legends In Concert ®

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Celebrity Impersonator - Tribute Artist
(band and solo performances)

Testimonial: Arcadia Theater
Executive Director
(with tribute band)

"Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond at the Arcadia Theater was a great success. The show was wonderful and the talent was extraordinary. This is the reason we are having him back for the 3rd time. He was one of the most professional and talented men that I have had the pleasure to work with."

- Jerry Ledney

Testimonial: audience member, Capitol Theatre
(with tribute band)

"My wife, two friends and I had the distinct pleasure of seeing and hearing Tom last night at the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, PA. WOW! Neil Diamond was correct when he said that Tom sounds just like him; all one had to do was close their eyes and it was Neil performing. This was a performance that we are glad that we did not miss. It really as a "Beautiful Noise". Thank you."

- John Putko

Testimonial: 85th Birthday Party for "Uncle Herb"
(solo performance)

"Thank you for performing at my uncle Herb's 85th birthday party. Herb's favorite singer has always been Neil Diamond, so he was thoroughly looking forward to the party. He and all his friends and family were not disappointed...we all loved every minute! In my estimation, you are a more vocally powerful singer than any of the celebrities you impersonate. When you sang without a microphone for one song in a large room that held over 100 people, you blew us all away. Totally amazing! Most importantly, Herb got to relive all the favorites songs of his life. Thank you Tom and crew for making my uncle's birthday his best ever!"

- Steve Morris, Client

Testimonial: Downtown Cabaret
(with tribute band)

  • "This was the best New Year's Eve show ever. Tom Sadge put on a fantastic show. We all were thrilled. We would love to see him again."
  • "The same artist and show would be wonderful for next New Year's."
  • "Extremely pleased with the entire show."
- Downtown Cabaret: various comments, New Year's Eve Show

Testimonials for best tribute artist as Neil Diamond

Testimonial: Under Armour®
(solo performance)

"I want to personally thank you for all of your help.
It was amazing: "Neil" was incredible. Everyone thought you were the real Neil Diamond.
He was literally onstage singing with our CEO and professional athletes.
Looking forward to working with you guys in the future."

- Rhiannon of Under Armour Sports

Testimonials for best tribute artist as Neil Diamond
Testimonials for best tribute artist as Neil Diamond

Tom was featured in New York Times article
Neil Diamond impersonator Tom Sadge in the NY Daily News.
The NY Daily News: "Neil Diamond's doppelganger"

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