Tom Sadge arrived in Chicago for the Neil Diamond Birthday Party on Friday, January 27th, 2008 after a 12 hour drive from Pennsylvania. PHOTO: M. Sadge Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond
Back by popular demand!
Celebrity Impersonator - Soundalike - Lookalike:
Tom Sadge's 7th Year as Neil Diamond at the
Neil Diamond Chicago Birthday Party!

2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 and 2008

Tom Sadge is thought to be, by many, the best Neil Diamond celebrity impersonator for sound and look

Tom Sadge's
Neil Diamond Birthday Party in Chicago - PHOTO PAGE

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Thank you to all - Marion

Our angelic Lois lost her halo when Tom Sadge sang Jungletime at the Neil Diamond Birthday Party in Chicago. The fun benefited the Jennifer Diamond Foundation, a most worth cause. Lois wsa the chief fundraiser. PHOTO: Lois

Lois L. lost her halo shortly after Tom began to sing JUNGLETIME!
She simply could no longer control herself!
Our favorite cookie baker lost control, grabbed Tom and OFF went the halo. No matter: Lois personally raised $175.00 for the Jennifer Diamond Foundatino, and will match that amount. Total: $350.00!

What an ANGEL!


Neil Diamond Birthday Party Chicago 2008 - holly and Judi. PHOTO: Tom SadgeGroup of Chicago Neil Diamond Birthday Party revelers aboard shuttle bound for Gino's East - Friday night. PHOTO: Tom Sadge FRIDAY: Tom Sadge arrived at The Embassy Suites at about 10AM - after a night of driving! He was greeted by TomZ.
Tom checked in, spent a little time catching up with old and new friends in the hotel Atrium, then returned to his suite for a short nap before a night of food and fun. Cocktails were served in the Atrium at 5:30, then the group boarded the shuttle at 6:30. Destination: Gino's East in Chicago - about 8 miles away.

Neil Diamond Chicago Birthday Party 2008: Robbie and her mom. PHOTO: A. SadgeWe will be posting photos taken by Tom himself, or from other friends, on our web site soon!

Chicago Neil Diamond Birthday Party co-planner Joan N. PHOTO: Sadge After the group returned from Gino's East at 9PM, Tom spent a little time saying hello to some old friends. Then it was off to the Neil Diamond Games, then a party till the wee hours in Joan's room.

Lois swears she behaved up until this point despite reports to the contrary...

Friday night at Neil Diamond Birthday Party in Chicago: Gino's East Photo: Tom Sadge.

Deb E. and friends share some pizza and camaraderie at Gino's East in Chicago.Annie F. at Gino's East in Chicago on Friday night. PHOTO: Tom Sadge Captain Kirk at the Chicago Neil Diamond Birthday Party (pizza party) at Gino's East. PHOTO: Tom SadgeThree ladies share in the fun at the Neil Diamond Chicago Neil Diamond Birthday Party pizza dinner. PHOTO: Tom SadgeTom Z and SB outside Gino's East in Chicago. The occasion is the pizza party on Friday night, January 27th, 2008, on the eve of the Neil Diamond Birthday Party in Chicago. PHOTO: Tom Sadge

LATE Friday Night...

Tom and Lois - The tickle! PHOTO: Joan N.

It's no secret that there are many room parties prior to the main party on Saturday night!

Joan's room is one of the best places to go!

Sometimes a few photos make their way to the internet.

Is there evidence that Lois lost her halo way before the main event on Saturday?

If you want to see the WHOLE photo-story of how Tom got Lois's halo, click on one of the photos!

How did Tom get this halo from Lois? PHOTO: Joan N.

SATURDAY - Before the show: Denny Diamond, who hails from Chicagoland, volunteered to entertain on Thursday night in the Atrium, and was seen walking throught the lobby on Saturday evening shortly before the party. We've heard he did a great job on Thursday night - performing for four hours! No doubt he did wonderfully on Saturday evening, as well, at one of the room parties after the main show.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, and before Brother Loves Choir Practice, some of the gang meandered around catching up with friends old and new. Some worked out in The Embassy Suites work-out room. One gal enjoyed a Starbucks ® coffee in Basil's Lounge off the main lobby. A few others sat around people-watching in the black leather couches and chairs of the main lobby. Others were seen sauntering around in their froggie bedroom slippers, frog PJs, and other leisure and fun wear.

A small group of ladies were spotted in the 24- Hour Business Center where they checked their e-mail, shared laughs and sent out reports on the party to the message board. Censored reports, of course!

Lois was STILL wearing her halo at this point!

For those of you who don't know, Lois volunteered to behave this weekend for a good cause: she is raising money for The Jennifer Diamond Foundation.
Jennifer Diamond passed away a few years ago from appendiceal cancer, and her family established the foundation for research and, hopefully, a cure.
Read more about this foundation on our links page: HERE

SATURDAY - Main party: Tom Sadge wrapped up his show at the main party at about 10:30PM.

The showstopping opening act was, of course, performed by Brother Loves' Choir. Tom entered the showroom singing "Let Me Take You In My Arms Again". This year Tom continued the tradition of singing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers", and his duet parther, who did a wonderful job, was Cathy from Cleveland. Thank you, Cathy.
And thank you to Joan and Annie for inviting Tom back. He is always SO thrilled to be a part of this special get together.

The show was held in one of the main conference rooms, Lobby level, at the Embassy Suites in Rosemont, IL.

The theme of this years Party and show was "Say Maybe". Tom spent the week prior to the show practicing three new songs. He was anxious to please the Neil Diamond fans, and we think he succeeded!

For those of you who weren't there and want to know what he was wearing.... it was his red-beaded shirt, black pants with sequined sides, and, of course, the ND boots!

Note to Lois: did you notice that his chest was a bit more buff than usual? Sure you did!

We all know Lois's weakness is a hairy, strong chest!

Tom Sadge snapped this photo of Sadge family friend Donna T. and her longtime friend, Karen shortly after the 2008 Chicago Neil Diamond Birthday Party. PHOTO - SadgeThe lobby of the Embassy Suites in Rosemont, Illinois is quiet on Saturday night. Nearly everyone is at the Neil Diamond Birthday Party around the corner and down the hall....except for TomZ who is seen posting to that Lois lost her halo! PHOTO: Sadge

SUNDAY: Good-byes for most!
Someone sent us this cute shot! A group of Chicago party-goers wait patiently for shuttles or to say goodbye to fellow party people. Several Neil Diamond fans stretched the "weekend". Some arrived early on Wednesday or Thursday (for Patti B's birthday party) and some put-off leaving until Monday. Some did both!

The majority of fans and friends departed on Sunday. Some lingered in or near the lobby where they chatted on cell phones to folks back home or sat on the steps leading to the second floor - or both!. Some waited patiently for the airport shuttle in the lobby or for their favorite party-goers to pass through. Tom, a notoriously late sleeper, was up earlier than uaual on Sunday in preparation for the journey back to Pennsylvania. After saying goodbye to everyone he encountered, he headed for his SUV, programmed the GPS unit and hit the road!
Thanks for the memories, and see you all next year!

Tom Sadge's view of the Welcome to Pennsylvania sign. PA is home to Tom. PHOTO:


MORE ABOUT THE PARTY and NEIL DIAMOND IMPESONATOR, TOM SADGE... "If I sing the wrong words to a song, or make an un-Neil-like gesture or step, you can bet I'll hear about it later! But the critiques are well-meant, and have helped me tremendously in polishing my impersonation."

The first Neil Diamond Birthday Party in Chicago was organized in 1987 by Joan N. and Annie F., two lifelong Neil fans from the Chicago area. Attendance at the party has grown over the years, but the two friends are still the main planners. A few enthusiastic attendees check into The Embassy as early as Wednesday evening and leave as late as Monday, but most arrive on Friday and depart on Sunday after hugs and farewells in the hotel lobby. The party officially begins on Friday evening with a coctail party followed by a shuttle ride to Gino's East, a popular Italian restaurant in Chicago. The actual Neil Diamond Birtday Party, which Neil has yet to attend, is held on Saturday evening. After a sitdown dinner Tom Sadge dons his sequinned shirt and becomes "Neil Diamond" for the evening. Dress is formal but the festivities are not: these baby-boomers, mostly ladies, know how to let their hair down. Cheers, screams, hoots and hollers permeate the ballroom as "Neil" performs for over an hour. And this is where the practice pays off.

"These fans don't request just the well-known Diamond hits such as Sweet Caroline or Love on the Rocks. I've had requests for "Last Picasso", "Lady Oh", "Crunchy Granola Suite" and other great - but lesser known - Neil Diamond tunes. The fans love to try and stump me, but I work hard to make sure that doesn't happen."

The excitement at this years party will be palpable: Neil Diamond recently announced concert dates in Europe - his first six years. Ticket sales have been brisk. American fans are hoping this means The Jazz Singer star will grace U.S. arenas, as well. But whether or not Mr. Diamond performs in the U.S. this year, one thing is for sure: Tom Sadge will do his best not to disappoint Neil's fans as they gather near the Windy City - and he'll be singing all the way during the 700 mile drive!

Click HERE for Neil Diamond Chicago Birthday Party 2008 updated information

Tom Sadge will entertain as a Neil Diamond impersonator for the 7th straight year at the Chicago Neil Diamond BIrthday Party: January 26th, 2008 at the Embassy Suites in Rosemont, Illinois.Chicago
Neil Diamond
Birthday Party

January 26th, 2008!
Thank you to the Neil Diamond fans for inviting Tom back to entertain
as "NEIL DIAMOND" for the 7th straight year!

The celebration weekend will take place at the Embassy Suites in Rosemont IL, near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport!

The 22nd annual Neil Diamond Birthday Party
$85.00 per person
The Embassy Suites Hotel
5500 River Road
Rosemont, Illinois

View photos from past parties here: Chicago Neil Diamond Birthday Parties!

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